I'm a film editor with over 15 years' experience. 

I believe editing is about establishing an emotional connection with the audience and taking them on a journey. 

Filmmaking is a  collaborative process.  I think listening, asking the right questions, responding creatively and offering opinions and guidance are critical. 

I enjoy working collaboratively and also being given creative autonomy. 

I work well under pressure and I enjoy the challenges of high-level work. 

I also write, direct and produce films and animation. Please check out my work at: www.brookhousefilms.co.uk

Tom is represented for TV editing in the UK by: 

020 8746 2060

“Tom, your editing skills, your good taste, your amazing talent are only matched by your

 impeccable work ethics: dedication, calm under pressure and a genuine gentleman.”

-Andre ‘Dédé’ Laurentino, Global ECD, Ogilvy

“Tom can absorb an idea and translate it into a visual medium. Very useful to a film-maker. As an editor I found his creative work to be intuitive and inventive;  I recommend him to directors who require a calm and erudite editor. “

-Neil Farrell, Film Editor (Kenneth Branagh’s Hamlet, Sleuth, Ravenous,)


What software do you use?

I use Avid and Premiere. I'm pretty adaptable and I don't like to get tied down to any one system.

Can you do titles and motion graphics?

Yes. I am an animator as well as an editor. I use After Effects. 

Can you do VFX?

Yes, I do some compositing, etc.

Can you online and deliver?

For smaller projects, such as those made for the web, I often help to oversee the process, sending to grade and mix, then collecting everything together afterwards. If necessary I can sound mix and colour grade, and I'm pretty good at it, but generally I would hand this work over to the specialists.

Do you work on site or remotely?

Both. I'm happy to do either. I have a good setup at home.