I see editing as a creative writing process. We have to find the true story in our material, but we also have to shape it. Drama, suspense and character are the pieces in this jigsaw puzzle.

Out now

Dispatches: China in the UK

1 x 60’ Factual

Quicksilver / C4

Coming 2024

Surgeons: at the Edge of Life

1 x 60’ Specialist Factual

Dragonfly / BBC

Boot Dreams

1 x 60’ Specialist Factual

Expectation / BBC

Young footballers who have been dropped from their contracts are given the opportunity to train with top coaches, speak to a sports psychologist, hopefully overcoming their obstacles and getting scouted by major clubs in what, for some, may be their last chance to stay in the career they love.

Series Producers: Colin Byrne / Rachael Barnes


Surgeons: A Matter of Life or Death

1 x 60’ Specialist Factual

Brinkworth / C5

Aer the success of Critical Condition, Brinkworthʼs latest production meets the patients and follows the surgeons as they undertake life-saving operations. Unflinching footage of every detail of major surgery.

Series Producer: John Bonny


SAS: Who Dares Wins USA /

Special Forces: World's Toughest Test

Episode 3: Mindset

1 x 60’ Specialist Factual

Minnow Films / FOX International / C4

Special Forces soldiers put recruits through a recreation of the SAS's secret selection process in the ultimate test of their physical and psychological resilience.

Series Producer: Richard Cracknell


Ghislaine Maxwell: Making of a Monster /

Who is Ghislaine Maxwell?

1 (of 2) x 60’  Documentary 

Roast Beef Productions / Channel 4 / Starz

Documentary following Maxwell’s trajectory from a privileged childhood in Oxford to the elite worlds of London and New York, to her descent into the Brooklyn State Penitentiary.

Director: Erica Gornall, Executive Producers: Mike Lerner & Dorothy Burn


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